The New York Times published an article about the huge demand for self-storage. This phenomenon might be brought about by the fact that many are looking for additional space for home offices or classrooms. You might also want to have additional footage for your house. 

Instead of going for the obvious solution, why not try basement excavation? Choosing this option will not only solve your space problem, but if done properly, you may even increase your property’s value. Kindly take note that homeowners enjoy a 30% value after extending their areas.

You might find the 30% increase in property value exciting. But before you reach out to companies offering excavating services in Southeast Alberta, you should know what to expect. If you find this task tedious, you should not worry because all you need to do is to finish reading this article.


The most obvious advantage of basement excavation is gaining additional footage. As a result, your property value will increase. But kindly take note that this is only possible if the project is done right, so it is essential that you ask for the help of a reputable excavating services company. 

The said company would also understand that underpinning and waterproofing are the complementary steps involved in basement excavation. These two will guarantee your safety and the stability of your home. 

Another benefit of this undertaking is that it equalizes the load. By adding the space, the weight is redistributed to the new area.


Before the excavating services company starts its work, you must ensure that you have ironed out all the necessary paperwork. Doing so will lessen the chance of any disruption during the project. It will also ensure that you and the contractor know the risks involved in this endeavor.

You might be wondering if you can defer the processing of permits. You should never attempt such a thing because excavation involves making obvious structural changes to your property. You even need to ask local authorities to approve this project.

The local government will have guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. Your homework is not done because you also need your neighbor’s consent, especially if you share a wall. 

Cavity Drain Membrane System

It was mentioned earlier that a reputable excavating services company should know the importance of waterproofing. In the past, contractors would simply dig and cover it with cement. Doing this leads to leakage.

Modern excavation companies would provide adequate waterproofing. The entire area is appropriately tanked on the inside with a heavy-duty waterproofing membrane. This system ensures that all the rainwater is directed down the studs and into the gully. 


During our discussion about permits, it was mentioned that the parties involved would learn about the dangers associated with the project. The inspector will most likely tell you the risks of the undertaking. Even before the inspection, he will tell you that you are vulnerable to a higher groundwater table. 

Another common risk with this project is the increase in the depth of your basement. If the project is poorly done, you are vulnerable to more flooding because of the poor drainage.


This undertaking is quite beneficial because you can transform the space into any room. You can use it as a home office or as storage. The possibilities are endless.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and pitfalls of basement excavation, you should immediately reach out to DL Nagel Excavating. We will be more than happy to help you with this project. As the premier contractor for excavating services in Southeast Alberta, we take pride in doing things right the first time, so come and seize this opportunity now!