While there are various parts of the structure-building process that are significant, none are as impactful for the bigger picture as digging out the foundation.

Although it may seem simple at first, the first step to building any structure (or additional section to a building or home) is one of the most critical parts of the overall construction process. Considering that digging a foundation will determine just how strong and stable the entire structure will be, it’s important to ensure that you get the process right.

When you begin to tabulate the total expected cost for putting up a home or commercial building, you’ll eventually come across the total amount that you’ll need to pay to have a professional dig a hole. Looking at the price that a professionally performed digging is going to cost you, you’re most likely thinking about doing it yourself since paying someone a chunk of your budget to dig holes doesn’t make sense. But we’re here to tell you something that digging foundations isn’t a task that you can DIY, no matter how straightforward it seems.

A growing problem

With the advent of DIY home improvements and the simpler details of construction now easier to understand, many have taken a swing at the idea of digging foundations into a plot of land themselves. However, looking further into the details will show that this surprisingly detail-oriented task isn’t a process that you’ll want to jury-rig.

Why can’t you dig the foundations yourself?

If you think that you can start your construction process off by digging the foundation of your property by yourself, then it’s best to re-evaluate your standpoint and brush up on proper facts and the severity of such a mistake. To best understand why the task is best left in the hands of an expert like DL Nagel Excavating instead, here are some key reasons to consider:

Reason #1: There’s more than meets the eye

After looking at the foundation digging process from a general standpoint, you probably think that all it really requires is a shovel, a rented excavator, lots of sweat, and some persistence, but this isn’t the case. When you dig and set a foundation for your structure, there are several factors that you must consider so that you have the best, most dependable, and safest output possible:

Reason #2: Foundation digging involves following safety precautions

Speaking of safety, there’s a reason professionals spend months learning about the tenets of foundation digging and commit themselves to years of practicing what they learn.

In any engineering course, contractors and engineers are required to learn about how to dig foundations the right way because of how many factors are involved in the process. In fact, the safety precautions involved in the building process take up a large portion of the body of knowledge concerning the task. And they’re so essential to the point where missing out on one already bears a significant danger. 

Reason #3: There’s a whole lot of documentation, formality, monitoring, and regulation that goes into the process

Today, digging a foundation is closely guarded by regulatory agencies and government authorities because the way a foundation of a building is dug can immensely affect the final product. If you don’t have the necessary training, licensing, or knowledge when it comes to digging and setting the right way, you can end up running into many problems with paperwork and safety standards!


As tempting as it may be to dig your property and set your building foundation on your own, it’s best to understand that taking the DIY route doesn’t always make for the best (or safest) outcome. If you want to help ensure that your building is as safe and dependable as possible, then take this as a sign to leave your needs in the hands of eligible professionals instead! 

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