DL Nagel Excavating Ltd. provides Hydrovac Services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects

With the increasing demand for non-destructive digging around sensitive areas and improvements in the field for worker safety, it is the driving force behind the addition of our hydrovac unit to DL Nagel Excavating Ltd.
What Is Hydrovac Excavation?
Hydrovac involves utilizing high-pressure water to dislodge soil, rock, clay, and gravel, which is then promptly vacuumed into a debris tank for subsequent disposal. This process not only minimizes environmental disturbance but also reveals pipelines, utility lines (such as water, sewer, and gas), electrical systems, and fiber optic networks, thereby decreasing the potential for underground infrastructure damage and environmental harm. The lightweight and maneuverable nature of our unit makes it exceptionally suitable for navigating tight spaces like congested plant settings, narrow alleyways, and restricted lot entrances.
Hydrovac equipment can be used for:

Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation provides professionals with a more precise and efficient way to complete tasks compared to traditional methods. By employing a non-mechanical approach, this method can decrease labor expenses, alleviate congestion at the job site, improve excavation accuracy, and lower the risk of harming underground utility pipes. In Canada's cold weather, the utilization of pressurized warm water allows for effective penetration of frozen ground, enabling projects to move forward swiftly regardless of the season.

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