When planning your next excavation project, think about whether you’ll employ an excavating professional or rent the equipment to do the job yourself. The latter option may be appealing if you have some expertise running heavy gear, but excavation may be challenging and labor-intensive, mainly if you are not skilled in excavation. If you’re doing significant acreage development anywhere near Southeast Alberta, here are five reasons why you should hire a professional excavation contractor instead of performing the task yourself.

  1. They have all the proper equipment

Most individuals do not have excavation equipment sitting around, so you would need to hire the equipment for a do-it-yourself project, to begin with. A professional excavation contractor will have the appropriate equipment, permits, and skills to operate heavy machinery. Hiring an expert who understands how to get the work done entails far less risk.

  1. They’re covered by insurance

If you or someone you’ve recruited is injured on the job, you may be liable for any medical or equipment costs that arise. On the other hand, when you employ a professional excavation contractor, they are covered by insurance, which prevents you from being held accountable for any damages or injuries that occur during the excavation process.

  1. They’re prepared for the worst-case scenarios

Excavation does not always go according to plan. Depending on the components in the soil, it is normal for the margins of an excavated area to cave in, and if you are not careful, your excavator may go falling right down with it. You may also come upon rock or sand beneath the ground’s surface, making excavation more complicated than you anticipated.

Situations like this might drastically delay your project’s timetable and generate unexpected delays. A competent excavation contractor has the knowledge and experience to deal with these unpleasant situations when they arise, saving you time, energy, and headache.

  1. They have a standard operating procedure

It’s one thing to rent an excavator, but it’s quite another to operate it precisely. Our contractors understand these technologies to a science, so there’s usually little concern over instrument errors. We have over a decade of excavating expertise, so you never have to question if we know what we’re doing.

  1. Excavation may be expensive if done incorrectly

There is a lot at stake while excavating. When working with expensive equipment and precise specifications, there is minimal space for error. Unless you are an excavation specialist, it is better to leave the work to the pros. While hiring an excavation contractor may cost more upfront, you will save time and money in the long term by getting the job right the first time around. 

  1. They can do it quicker

Skilled, educated professionals understand what to do and how to swiftly prepare a building site without the mistakes and disruptions that less-skilled machine operators may encounter. Lower actual expenses result from faster completion of the excavation job and fewer difficulties.

  1. They provide post-work cleaning

Excavation generates a large amount of waste material, ranging from trees and stumps to massive boulders and dug-up soil. Cleanup and appropriate trash disposal may be included as part of professional service, so there is nothing left to deal with afterward.


Hiring a qualified excavator can provide you with peace of mind. You can rely on them to complete the task correctly. DIY excavation can cause significant damage to your property or danger to people in the worst-case scenario. If you’re looking for the utmost professionalism in an excavation company, DL Nagel excavating, the leading excavating services contractor in Medicine Hat and southwest Saskatchewan, is the right choice for your next project, providing you reliable excavation services from start to finish.