Built to Last: The Different Types of House Foundations

Ask any homebuyer, and they will all tell you the same thing: houses should have a strong foundation. Besides the fact that it helps keep the whole structure in place, it also fortifies it against the negative effects of extreme weather and calamities such as earthquakes and typhoons. Without it, your home will surely crumble in one blow.

That being said, not many people are aware of it, but there is actually more than one type of foundation where a house may be built on. If you are curious to know what they are, look no further than the examples below.


  1. Slab-on-Grade Foundation

This is one of the most popular foundation types, and it is also the most cost-effective. Whenever you hear the term “slab,” you can rest assured that it refers to a thick concrete (for greater stability) that sits right on top of the ground. It is also the most popular foundation in the United States, where it is also known as the “T-beam” foundation.

  1. Basement Foundation

If you want to take your home to a higher level, then a basement foundation is for you. This requires a lot of excavation work, mainly because you need to dig down at least 30 cm to 40 cm. As a result, it is the most costly option on this list.

  1. Poured Concrete Slab-on-Grade Foundation

This is basically a variation of the slab-on-grade foundation. However, this one is designed to have a poured concrete podium instead of a slab. The latter is made from a single pour, whereas the former is made from multiple pours. This one is not just strong and stable, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Concrete Pier Foundation

This one rarely uses a slab, and instead, piers are used for support. As the name suggests, you can expect concrete to be the base material for the piers. This is a popular foundation type for houses in areas with a high probability of flooding.

  1. Spread Footing Foundations

This is the most expensive foundation type, and it is also mostly used for commercial buildings. It uses a deep wall foundation and a deep pier foundation, and both are made from poured concrete. A spread footing foundation is best used in areas where there is a high risk of soil erosion.

  1. Deep Wall Foundation

As its name suggests, this type of foundation is made from deep walls. It is one of the most popular options for houses located in areas prone to soil erosion. It is also the most common foundation used for churches and skyscrapers.

  1. Deep Reinforcing Beam Foundation

While it may seem confusing for a foundation to be called a reinforcing beam, it actually makes sense in this case. Just like what its name says, a deep reinforcing beam foundation utilizes reinforcing beams that are poured with concrete. Its main purpose is to transfer loads that are too heavy for the supports.


As you can see, there are many types of foundations to choose from when you want to build a home. The good thing is that the examples listed here are just a small fraction of them. So, if you are interested in learning about the different types of foundations, be sure to talk to a pro. All of these choices are beneficial in their own way, and it is up to you to pick which is most suitable for your needs.

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