A house is one of the most important investments anyone can make. For this reason, all homeowners go the extra mile in ensuring that their home is in top condition. However, there will always come a time when a house doesn’t suit a person’s needs anymore. While selling it is an option, it’s not always viable, especially if it only yields a low return. For this reason, homeowners go for the next best option: demolition.

Demolishing a house can be an arduous process. It involves finding the right contractor and following the necessary procedures. While classified as a home repair job, demolition requires unique expertise to ensure that the process is smooth and safe. Many people also consider demolishing their old home when they no longer need it but often have reservations. For this reason, we’ll guide you on how to prepare for home demolition. The steps are as follows:

Deconstruction or Mechanical Demolition?

When preparing for home demolition, you first need to determine whether you want to deconstruct your home or use a mechanical demolition. Deconstruction is when a home is disassembled and salvaged to be used as construction materials, while mechanical demolition is the destruction of a structure utilizing large machines. Both approaches come with their benefits and issues, so weigh them well.

Get Your Home Inspected

Before you get your home demolished, you should thoroughly assign a qualified contractor to inspect the home. The contractor will be responsible for identifying any damages your house may have sustained.

Get the Necessary Permits

Getting your home demolished requires you to secure the necessary permits. You’ll need to seek approval from your local government to ensure that you comply with the terms and regulations. Local zoning laws and other policies may be applicable here, so be sure to check for these.

Disconnect Any Services in the Property

Before you get your home demolished, you need to disconnect any services still on the property. This includes disconnecting the electricity and water. You may also need to pull out the plumbing if your house has a full bathroom. If you have an attached garage, you’ll need to disconnect the gas in the property.

Notify Your Neighbours

As demolition work is conducted, there may be some noise and dust. For this reason, you should let your neighbours know about the demolition. They can temporarily make arrangements to stay in their homes or close their windows if they’re too noisy and dusty. This lets them know what they can expect and helps you avoid any confrontations.

Place Safety Barriers around the Property

Safety barriers are a necessity during the demolition process. This ensures that there are no accidents when the house begins to collapse. The barriers will also prevent any debris from damaging the property.

If your home is located near a busy road, safety barriers will be needed to protect pedestrians and other vehicles. You may need to hire a trash removal company to take care of the debris and trash, depending on the size of your home.

Hire a Demolition Dumpster

Before demolition is complete, you’ll need to secure a dumpster to remove trash and debris. The larger your home is, the bigger the dumpster you’ll need to place it. Round-the-clock dumpster rental services will ensure that the waste and debris are removed quickly and that everything is done promptly.

Hire a Salvage Company

If you think deconstruction is the best option for you, then you can hire a salvage company. The salvage company will then hire its workers to deconstruct your home and salvage what is usable. It’s worth noting that some demolition companies also offer this service, so you should check whether it’s included.

Send Children and Pets to a Relative

If you have children or pets, it’s probably best to send them away for the duration of the demolition. It’ll be difficult for them to stick around, so you should send them to a relative for the course of the demolition. If you can keep them busy, they’ll have something to distract them from it.


As you can see, preparing for a home demolition isn’t easy. This is why you shouldn’t compromise on the expertise of your contractor. Quality services and equipment are necessary to ensure the demolition process goes smoothly. While getting your home demolished is a long process, you can avoid problems and issues by following the steps above.

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