When it comes to landscaping services, land grading is an essential precursor that allows you to make sure your foundation has a levelled surface to build on. Whether the land is graded to be flat or sloped depends on the goals of the project.

When working with contractors, it helps to know what to expect and what exactly you may need for your project.

Different Types of Land Grading

The type of grading you will use in your project will be highly dependent on the soil and natural grading you have available, as well as the end goal you want to achieve.

Excavation is the most basic type of grading that you can use. Depending on the type of soil, you may have to use excavation to level it out to a more consistent ground level. This is done by creating a hole that allows for low-lying zones that can be used to build a foundation or structure.

If your foundation needs a flat surface that is even throughout, you may want to consider the use of surface smoothing. This allows for a more consistent surface by levelling out any uneven areas and compacting the soil. It effectively gets rid of bumps and swerves in the ground.

Sometimes, you need to fill in some spaces to make a good surface that you will work with. In this process, more soil is brought in to not only create a levelled surface but also provide proper soil for aesthetic value and potential growth.

When drainage is a key factor, more elaborate techniques are used to provide a more permanent solution to the problem. This kind of grading requires a slope in order to allow water to flow. Otherwise, drainage pipes will need to be installed in the lower ground.

One common way to more aggressively grade the land is through machinery scooping. While this also uses an implement to smooth out the land surface, it also involves scooping dirt or ground to have more control and manipulation of the space. If you are working with a starting point that needs more changes, this is likely the technique to use.

How Land Grading Protects the Foundation

Any type of land grading is a good idea to take care of the foundation of your home or building. The soil around your foundation is your first line of defence against water damage. By ensuring that the land around the foundation has a solid base, it will not only protect it from washing out but will also provide you with a more solid structural canvas.

Grading also ensures that you are protected from negative drainage and bad construction that will result in cracks, weakened foundations, and the like.


Landscaping services are simply a must in the process of construction. If you are planning to install a foundation for a building or structure, it is advisable to take the time to discuss the grading with your contractor so that you can start your project safely.

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