The process of building a house or commercial site from the ground up will always prove to be a rather challenging experience. The sheer array of details and tasks you’ll need to take care of can be enough to bewilder any person—which is why it’s best to be prepared before you start such an effort.

If you’ve recently purchased a certain plot of land or property that you intend to use as an operational or living space, then you’re probably well aware of the different responsibilities that lie ahead. One of these pertinent tasks is the process of preparing your purchased land for foundational work and actual building—an undoubtedly vital task that can leverage a significant impact on the experience that you have after.

Admittedly, the site preparation process can seem like a relatively minor experience because of how straightforward most—if not all—the tasks are. The reality, however, is that this seemingly simple project can eventually prove to be more extensive than you’d ever expect because of how laborious and tedious the process is.

A Few Key Arguments That Make Sense

While you might be in a slight state of denial over the fact that you shouldn’t DIY your property preparation process, there are a few compelling reasons you should hire a professional excavation company instead. To best understand the benefits of hiring an expert like DL Nagel Excavating (and why doing so makes sense), let’s go over a few strong arguments:  

With a Professional Excavator, You Can Assure Yourself of a Job Well Done

The foremost reason why it’s much wiser to hire a professional than DIY your site preparation process is that excavators are actually trained to do the job!

You see, preparing a site entails carrying out processes that are highly technical and require much experience, honed foresight, and the right knowledge and training. What this means is that the seemingly simple process of preparing your property to be built upon is best left in the hands of a professional, as you can end up with more trouble than you started with if you take the DIY route!

Professional Excavators Have the Necessary Tools for the Job 

One of the reasons you should call a professional excavator instead of digging, poking, and shoveling your site yourself is because the prep process itself calls for an assortment of tools—most of which you probably don’t have.

Regardless if you have the ludicrous idea to buy or rent grading and excavating machinery, the fact of the matter is that the necessary tools to move earth and get the job done are immensely expensive! To put it into perspective, the costs that come from either buying or renting the necessary tools so you can do the job yourself will cost at least half or a third of how much you bought your property for! 

Beyond cost, the fact that professional excavators have the necessary tools to prepare your site makes for a compelling argument because these experts are actually trained to use them—and especially well, might we add. If you don’t want to put yourself in danger, cause damage to your property, or injure your loved ones and others in the area, then you’re much better off hiring an expert instead! 

Professional Excavators Will Save You a Whole Lot of Time

Professional excavators are not just trained to prepare properties for building in the best and most competent way possible; they’re also capable of getting the job done much faster than any skilled DIY-er could!

Thanks to experience, planning, and industry skills, professional companies are capable of getting a site to become building-worthy in the shortest amount of time possible without compromising on quality. At DL Nagel Excavating, for instance, we take immense pride in the fact that we have the necessary cutting-edge equipment and talented and capable manpower to complete a job as quickly and efficiently as possible!


Although ensuring that your new property is safe to build on may seem like a straightforward task to handle on your own, it’s undoubtedly better to hire a professional that can take care of the job at hand instead. Through the help of a competent expert, you can help ensure that your needs are taken care of with the necessary expertise and consideration for the best results and a smoother building process thereafter! 

Are you looking for a professional excavator to help prep your property? DL Nagel Excavating Ltd. takes immense pride in providing the best excavating services in Medicine Hat, AB and Southeast Alberta. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services!