As a homeowner, it’s no secret that you’ll go to great lengths to maintain your home’s condition. Among the many problems that your home could encounter, yard drainage problems can be the most devastating. 

A drainage problem in your yard is always a serious matter, mainly because it can also contribute to the deterioration of your home’s quality. Issues usually cover underground and above-ground drainage systems or even sprinkler systems if you have a garden.

To understand how to fix drainage problems in your yard, it’s best to consider why drainage problems happen in the first place. In this article, we’ll shed light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

Understanding the Drainage System

The drainage system of your home is what distributes water throughout your entire home. If it encounters any problems, your home’s water supply is compromised. After all, water is an essential commodity at home, so it’s necessary to address any drainage problems right away.

This also applies if your yard has a drainage component of its own. Your home may be at risk if your yard drainage isn’t addressed immediately. The simple reason is that if one part of the system breaks, the rest are sure and soon to follow.

The Damages Puddle Water Can Cause

Since we’re talking about your yard here, it’s essential to know what would happen if water puddles take up in your soil.

Perhaps the most significant area of concern that a homeowner can encounter with a yard drainage problem is tits damage to their home’s foundation. Since the home shifts, it can lead to breakage and cracks into the affected areas such as walls and roofing system because it goes all the way up.

Fixing the Drainage Problems in Your Yard

If you notice water stains on your home’s exterior walls, or even water running through the gutters whenever it rains, have those checked immediately. 

If there are water puddles around your home’s spouts, extenders or trenches are a good fix. These sit at the end of a downspout and help direct water away from your home and, by extension, the yard. This flow of water is then directed to the nearest gutter.

To find out if your home has a proper slope, pour a bit of water into the driveway. If it immediately flows down to the street, it’s a good sign.

How to Fix It Yourself

Below are some measures that you can take to fix drainage problems on your own.


Drainage problems are a big nuisance, especially if it happens in your yard. You should address these problems right away, or else you’re only risking your home to damage. Luckily, there are ways that you can fix it yourself. If not, you can always call a contractor because they will know how to get the job done!

Landscaping services can help with your yard drainage problems. Luckily, DL Nagel Excavating can get the job done if you’re looking for landscaping services in Southeast Alberta. We also offer other services such as digging and excavation. Contact us today to learn more!