What comes to mind when you hear “ building demolition”? Did you just say, Wreck-It Ralph? Yeah, that was a fun movie! One thing worth remembering about the film, though, is the part when Ralph, the arcade game bad guy who wrecks everything wherever he goes, inadvertently unleashes a lethal foe that eventually wreaks havoc in the entire arcade world.

In real-life demolition, there is a process that workers strictly adhere to so they can dismantle a building safely. Unlike what you’ve likely seen in movies, demolition teams carefully plan and use controlled methods to ensure that they will not create problems and pose a danger to the surrounding establishments and nearby communities.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of demolishing buildings and structures. Read on and learn the science that excavating services in Medicine Hat &  Southeast Alberta use to dismantle buildings near you.

The Pre-Demolition Process

1. Surveying the Building

The first phase of pre-demolition is the conduct of a building survey. This is done by experts analyzing the different characteristics of the building, including the materials used to build it, the method through which it was built, draining conditions, the usage of the building, traffic conditions, building codes, and even the surrounding communities.

In short, everything within an exclusive zone where the building stands will be surveyed to identify possible hazards, and at the same time, determine the best method to take the building down.

2. Removing Hazardous Materials

After studying the parameters that will determine the extent of potential hazards, a special group of personnel will be assigned to remove these dangerous materials, debris, and hazards from the building.

This is done before the actual demolition of the building. These materials may include flammable items and radioactive substances, among others. During the demolition, there will be no other hazards aside from the materials of the building being demolished.

3. Planning the Demolition

The next step of the pre-demolition process is drafting an effective demolition plan. This involves experts in the field laying out a comprehensive plan to demolish the building. The plan indicates how the building will be dismantled, what equipment will be used, and the extent of debris that will need clearing up afterwards.

4. Observing Safety Measures

After thoroughly planning the demolition process, the experts who laid out the plan will advise the site workers, including all other personnel such as engineers, operators, and supervisors, of the potential dangers and risks like falling debris and excessive dust and noise during the demolition.

In addition, the demolition company is responsible for securing the necessary permits for the demolition job. After this process, where everything is considered and analyzed, experts will recommend the safest and most efficient demolition method to carry out. Of course, this is still in consideration of the client’s working budget.


In the process shown above, there is more to demolition than swinging a wrecking ball. A demolition job involves meticulous planning and entails many considerations before taking down an abandoned or damaged building. This comprehensive process will help the demolition team spot possible unseen dangers that can protect everyone involved in the project.

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